• Architect: Mass Studies Seoul, Korea  Services: Façade, hardware, roof and site material applications, engineering, construction documents and construction administration.  Description: The dramatic club house overlooking the southern coastline features a undulating ceramic roof with glass skylights, high span structural glass walls, curved and segmented stone rain screen cladding, custom doors and glass hand rails.
    South Cape Resort Namhae, Korea
  • Client: Museum of American Folk Art.  Architect: Tod Williams Billie Tsien & Associates, New York, New York USA.  Services: System concept design, fabrication technologies and façade construction management.   Description: This 8-level building’s upper 4 floors are devoted to gallery space for permanent and temporary exhibitions. The balance of the building of the building includes archives, administrative office, and a large public area, café and museum store. The Museum’s unique facade incorporates cast Tombasil bronze panels, non-directional stainless cladding, and flush seamed sheet metal cladding. The facade was designed to ensure the sightlines were clearly defined. The glass curtain wall is delicately folded within the facade to create natural light in the Museum.
    Museum of American Folk Art New York, USA
  • Architect: Mass Studies (Minsuk Cho), Seoul, Korea, Nikko Architects, Shanghai, China.  Services: Design concept, material applications, preliminary engineering study, construction documents and construction administration for the double façade elements and integration of lighting.  Description: Korean alphabet characters in four sizes create a seemingly random gloss white pattern with some characters at ninety degrees off plane of the wall. When the LEDs are lite the random pattern becomes large scale Han-guel characters. The inset and return walls and soffits capture a more handmade quality by the use of digitally reproduced art pixels.  Tension facade comprised of high gloss fire rated CNC aluminum composite panels, steel tension rods with ceramic composite coating, LED lighting and PVC membrane on inboard weathering wall.  Structure glass wall in restaurant and VIP areas peer through the pixilated façade.
    Korean Pavilion Shanghai, China
  • Client: Daewoo Construction Co. Ltd. Seoul, Korea.  Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Architects New York, USA.  Services: Technical audit of design documents, review of submittal drawings and calculations and site supervision.  Description: The tapered seventy two story tower is a glass monolith featuring horizontal sunshades, fully unitized curtain wall and heavy extruded assemblies at the corner units to maintain crisp sightlines.
    North East Asia Trade Tower Songdo, Incheon, Korea
  • Architect: Tod Williams, Billie Tsien & Associates, New York, New York USA.  Services: Material applications and sourcing, schematic design, design development, construction documents, and construction administration of all facade elements and water proofing.  Description: The design of the building requires conformance with the UC Berkeley master plan, but the building developed its own identity by utilizing unique materials that correlate the use of the building. facade elements include large bronze cast Asian grilles, which provide shading and an iconic feature to the building. The stone cladding utilizes an open joint hanging system resulting in clean sightlines and integration of adjacent materials including flat seam copper panels, bronze clad window wall, and lead coated copper accent panels at the parapet are. Although there is significant mass to the building, the facade materials, sightlines, and Asian pattern in the bronze grilles, diminishes the visual mass.
    East Asian Library, UC Berkeley Berkeley, USA
  • Client: TCG Development.  Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox, New York, USA,  Raja Aederi Architects, Mumbai, India.  Services: Material Applications, schematic design, design development, construction documents, unit cost estimate, quantity survey, procurement, & construction administration.  Description: This is a proposed Commercial development in BKC, Mumbai. Each building comprises of Unique architectural elements in the form of aluminum beaks and glass fins projecting outside the unitized curtain wall. The different façade elements comprise of Composite glazing, aluminum cladding, Glass Tube, suspended glazing, entrance canopy, stone cladding and entrance glazing. The glass tube enclosing LED lighting and the Glass Fins projecting outside the building are the key features in this building.
    First International Financial Centre – C53 Mumbai, India
  • Architect: ATR Atelier | Axis Group Limited, Shanghai, China.   Client: China Railways Urban Planning Institute,  Wuhu, China.   Services: Exterior material applications, design, engineering of the contextual “iron painting”, glass curtain wall, mega span trestle, roof gardens and double height lobbies.  Description:  The site is positioned along a central park in the city center which features generous green space and natural water features. The two towers adopt massing which reflects the sculptural shape of the mountains that dominate the nearby landscape with accents of "iron painting", a local art form. Both towers are linked together with a cantilevered trestle that accommodates conference areas, meeting space and dining areas that evoke the origins of the client’s core business of railways. The facade is comprised of unitized glass curtain wall with full depth shadow boxes and cast bronze screens at the angular sections with a transparent podium that sits on a water dominated plinth.
    China Railways Design Plaza Wuhu, China
  • Architects: John Portman & Associates, Atlanta, Georgia USA | Shanghai, China.  Façade: A unique approach to hospitality and retail, the project consists of four hotel brands including two convention hotel towers and two boutique hotels. The towers are sited on a large six-story podium featuring high-end retail, outdoor gardens and convention space. The volumetric design envelopes 3.2 million square feet of space creating a city within a city with soaring skylights, rich material selections and scalable environments for pedestrians and hotel guests. The facades are comprised of semi-unitized window wall, aluminum rainscreen cladding, stone rainscreen cladding, glass sunshades, and monumental skylights and canopies.     	 Composites: As architects and clients embrace more organic building forms, the façade industry is meeting the challenges by deploying technologies from outside the realm of conventional façade production. The composite material category is evolving quickly to support these organic forms. With the advent of fire rated materials, high-yield strength polymers and range of fiber options, the size and complexity of composite façade elements can meet the architect’s vision for complex forms. When we merge new finish nanotechnologies such as ceramic composites and atomized metal coatings, the possibilities are truly inspiring.
    Expo Hotel Complex Shanghai, China
  • Client: Central China Development, Zhengzhou, China.  Architect: Neri & Hu Design and Research Office, Shanghai, China.  Services: Façade material applications, tender documents and construction administration of metal cladding, glass curtain wall, integration of façade lighting, entrances and canopies.  Description: The 24 story tower takes on the appearance of stacked metal and glass cubes providing a more scalable building instead of an urban monolith.  The metal surfaces feature variable perforations that create a flower pattern to support branding for the project.
    Le Meridien Hotel Zhengzhou, China
  • Architect: Rena Dumas Architecture, Paris, France.  Services: Double façade concept design, engineering, material applications, construction documents and construction administration.  Description:  The simple form is elegantly expressed through a layered façade of silk screened glass over a conventional glass curtain wall with stainless steel compression fittings.  The base of the building is punctured with showcases and the main entrance to the retail showroom featuring polished stainless steel doors and custom cladding.
    La Maison Hermes Seoul, Korea
  • Architect: Tod Williams, Billie Tsien & Associates, New York, New York USA.  Client: Tata Consulting Services, Mumbai, India.  Services: facade consulting and material applications, mock up and procurement reviews of facade elements.  Description: The site is graced by mature banyan trees and gentle sloping topography. The 600,000 square foot campus is comprised of low rise buildings clad with indigenous Indian granite and exposed architectural concrete. Large stone units are used for vertical sunscreens and visual features to bring scale to the linear structures. Walkways are clad with carved sandstone in a modern jail pattern to cast shade along the link between buildings. The balance of the facades feature glazed window wall and curtain wall strategically placed to take advantage of natural day lighting while minimizing direct sun exposure. The facade design features a rain screen concept that facilitates the ease of rinsing during rainfall to keep the facade clean.
    Banyan Park Anderi, Mumbai, India
  • Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox, New York, New York USA,  HGA Architects, Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Services: Material applications, schematic design, design development, construction documents, construction administration, mock up and field tests.  Description: The Science Teaching and Student Services Center is prominently sited on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. Opposite the Weisman Art Museum at the head of the Washington Avenue Bridge, the building acts as a physical and philosophical gateway to the East Bank campus—the Weisman representing the arts; the new STSS, the sciences.
    University of Minnesota, STSS Minneapolis, USA
  • Architect: Tod Williams Billie Tsien & Associates, New York, New York USA.  Services: Material application, schematic and design development, construction documents and construction administration of all facade and waterproofing elements.  Description: Skirkanich Hall is sited between two buildings and acts as the gateway for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences as well as serving the needs of the Department of Bioengineering. The facade features a glazed green brick created for the project, cantilevered and layered glass curtain wall, zinc metal cladding, and black granite at the ground level. The entire facade is based on a rain screen design which allows for a cleaner more maintenance free building enclosure and crisper architectural sightlines.
    University of Pennsylvania Skirkanich Hall Philadelphia, USA
  • Client: Fast Retailing, Tokyo, Japan.  Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Seattle, Washington  USA.  Services: System concept design, finite system engineering for structural glass, light boxes, tension facades and large display doors  Description: The project brought forth unique challenges given the existing structure and adaptive use.  Our design drawings and finite engineering was utilized by the various contractors to produce the seven varying wall types on the project including a six story sculptural glass atrium that houses flying live and static models.  The original concept required the design of 5 ton pivoting showcase doors and massive light boxes.  The final design features a completely pre-engineered tension façade.
    UNIQLO Flagship Store Shanghai, China
  • Client: Dongbu Corporation, Seoul, Korea.  Architect: Barkow Leibinger Architekten, Berlin, Germany.  Services: Technical audit of design drawings, review of submittal documents and calculations, mockup tests, factory visits and site supervision.  Description: The unique façade is a three dimensional unitized glass curtain wall requiring special milling equipment, oversized doors for heavy equipment access and high span steel and glass ground floor glazing system.
    Trutec Seoul, Korea
  • Client: Renaissance Development, Ankara, Turkey.  Architect: FX Fowle Architects, New York, New York   USA.  Services: Material applications, façade concept, schematic design, design development, construction documents, construction administration of all façade elements and BMU integration. Description: The crystalline tower adds a dramatic form to the expanding Istanbul skyline.  The tower features four sided structural glazed unitized glass curtain wall with full depth shadow boxes, cantilevered metal scrim that provides intermittent shading on three elevations, double height sky gardens with structural glass spanning members and a hybrid glass wall at the podium.
    Renaissance Tower Istanbul, Turkey
  • Samsung Seoul, Korea
  • Architects: Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, New York, New York USA.  Ballinger Architects, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA.  Services: Facade material applications, schematic design, design development, construction documents, mock ups testing and construction administration for all facade elements including stone cladding, metal, high performance windows, high span glazing and clearstory translucent glass feature. In addition to facades our services encompassed all above and below grade waterproofing, green roofs and conventional roofing systems.  Description: The programming of this project required unique facade solutions within a modern architectural context. The opaque facade elements are comprised of limestone from Israel with variable metal reveals punctured with high performance wooden windows. The large non-gallery public space features a large light bar of transparent and semi-transparent glass that defuses direct light. The lobby areas feature layered glass walls, stone cladding and high span glass enclosure for pre-function areas.
    Barnes Collection Philadelphia, USA
  • Architect: Gensler Architects, New York, USA.  Client: Tishman Hotel Corporation, New York, USA.  Services: Curtain wall design, engineering and material applications.  Formation of construction documents, construction administration including mockup test, factory visits and site observations.  Description:  The thirty four story hotel in the heart of midtown Manhattan features a monolithic glass curtain wall with slivered glass reveals to provide dimension and reduce the visual massing.  The podium of the tower features a highly articulated façade with stone, metal and glass providing more scale at the pedestrian level.
    Intercontinental Hotel Tower New York, USA
  • Apartment 18 Istanbul, Turkey
  • Architect: Matthew Baird & Associates, New York, New York USA.  Services: Material applications, design development, schematic design, construction documents, and construction administration of all facade elements.  Description: Situated among designated Landmark structures, this modern townhouse facade includes 1 ¼” steel plate, nominally fourteen feet wide and thirty-four feet tall and acts as the centerpiece of the front facade. Tucked behind the steel plate are high span steel windows with knife blade mullions and operable vents. The rear elevation incorporates large stainless steel bi-fold doors and high span steel window walls. Natural light is channeled into the building through a formed copper skylight assembly. Although the design of the facade is very modern, selection of materials blends with the surrounding historic neighborhood.
    SLR Townhouse New York, USA
  • Architect: Luce Et Studio, San Diego, California  USA.   Services: Material applications, façade design | engineering of custom window wall, doors, zinc cladding and ventilated cedar rain screen cladding.  Construction administration including the production of fabrication drawings, production and installation of the façade elements.   Description: Set among towering trees the architect sought to bring the maximum natural daylight into the living areas while melding the home with the surroundings.   Large oversized custom narrow sightline steel window walls and integrated operable windows were utilized along with custom glass and cast steel doors.  The custom doors are a combination of pivot and sliding to allow the opposing 7500 mm (24’0”) opening to be completely open to the adjacent outdoor decks.  The sills of the doors are flush with the interior and exterior integrating indoor and outdoor living areas.
    Napa Residence Napa Valley, USA
  • HSBC Building New York, USA
  • Architect: Platt Byard Dovell White, New York, USA.  Services: Material applications, design development, construction documents and construction administration for all façade elements including limestone rain screen cladding, window wall, architectural metals and skylights.  Description: The school expanded within a residential neighborhood and adopted a scalable façade with materials that integrate well with existing adjacent buildings.  The modern vernacular is indicative of the forward thinking of the school while embracing materials that evoke permanence and stability.  The clean lines of the façade are accomplished by utilizing a complete rain screen solution eliminating exposed sealants and reduced soiling.
    Poly Prep Lower School Brooklyn, USA

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