The variety of system solutions for facade is driven by performance, architecture and costs. As with most building solutions, the variables are enumerable when it comes to facades. We have touched upon the primary façade system solution categories and a brief overview of their characteristics. We encourage architects to think beyond “industry norms” and outside of the “façade industry standards” for system solutions. Our team of engineers, product designers and façade specialist will sculpt the best system solutions that meet or exceed performance requirements, support your design and comply with the benchmark costs for the project. Scroll down to view façade system solution categories.
1. Unitized Curtain Wall
2. Semi-unitized Curtain Wall
3. Structural Glass
4. Rain Screen Cladding
5. Tension Facades
6. Load Bearing Facades
7. Panelized Facades
8. Inflated Facades
9. Green Facades
10. Art Facades
11. Media Facades
12. Kinetic Facades

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