Standard Charted Bank

Standard Chartered Bank
Chennai, India
Karan Grover & Associates
Baroda, India
facade design charette and the formation of twelve concepts, unit cost estimates and LEED accrual strategies related to facade natural day lighting and energy savings.
An international bank with substantial operations in India embraced the concept of intense design charettes for a new corporate campus. The team was lead by the design architect and supported by consultants from critical disciplines including sustainable design, mechanical/electrical, logistics, landscape, site evaluation and facade design. The four day charette with the client’s direct input in advance of typical schematic design generated significant work product and streamlined the programming and concept phases of the project.

Axis Facades generated twelve rendered concepts including animation of operable elements culminating in three final designs that have been incorporated into the design of the project. The facade design includes operable cast aluminum “Jalis” which provide shading, natural striated cleft stone and living greenery on select elevations. The facade contributed significantly to the sustainable equation facilitating natural day lighting, variable shading and controlled ventilation.